Monthly Archives: August 2019

High School Heebejeebes!!!!

I haven’t been getting much sleep lately, I think I am anxious about the coming return to school for the kids. Robyn is extremely nervous about high school, it’s a big change for her and she feels like she will struggle. The high school have made lots of accommodations for her like a lift pass so she doesn’t have to walk up and down the many, many stairs in the school and a pass for her to leave lessons 5 minutes before the classes change over so she can have more time to get to her next class without the corridors being full of other children.

I think it will be fine once she has got used to the swing of things but going up to high school is scary enough without being a disabled transgender child who is worried about people bullying her for funny eyes as she calls them, her speech, her learning disability or the fact that she is transgender. She is braver than I will ever be, I can’t pretend I’m not scared for her though. I reassure her daily that it will be ok and her confidence has been boosted a little by the fact her friend who is also transgender is starting high school with her.

Elliot is going into year 9 and is working very hard, he puts in a lot of effort at school and is really I interested in his science lessons. He doesn’t let his dyslexia hold him back from his dream to be a paleontologist. His knowledge of dinosaurs amazes me and he has shown a lot of maturity in his emotional intelligence. He has told Robyn he will look after her in high school and if anyone is mean to her he will protect her. I couldn’t be prouder of him.

Lewis is still in primary school going into year 4, he is nervous about his new class as he is every year but I think he will soon settle in. He has made lots of friends and his school reports tell me he is a happy, friendly, superbly well behaved little boy. He is such a loving child and he is always looking for hugs and cuddles which I am happy to oblige as they are growing up so fast who knows how long I have until he doesnt want to lie in bed cuddling watching movies anymore.

Times like this when life is busy like this week with 4 hospital appointments in 4 days taking a little time out to cuddle and chat with Lewis is exactly what I need to remind me my life isn’t all appointments, medications, school meetings and stress. Life is so much more than that but it’s hard to remember that at times. I have loved having so much time with the kids since its the summer holidays. We have lots more fun plans to come and that’s what I’m focusing on for the next few weeks.